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Application & Examination Process


KyCPE promotes the Baldrige Excellence Framework in Kentucky

The Framework comprises questions surrounding seven areas of organizational operations -

answering the questions helps organizations better understand and satisfy their customers, students, patients, stakeholders, and workforce.


Testimonial - Why Use the Application Process?















The Framework is based upon proven organizational concepts, is systematic, and is fact and results-based. The Framework is introduced to organizations through the 4-tiered award application process and through our coaching work.

​All organizations can utilize the Baldrige Excellence Framework: prior award winners have come from the Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Service industries.

KYCPE encourages organizations to apply for an Award at any of four Levels: Level 1 is Interest, Level 2 is Commitment, Level 3 is Achievement, and Level 4 is Excellence.

The Level 1 application may be applied for at any time during the year, while Levels 2-4 require a January application. But, Level 2 must apply for intent no later than June.

​Click the Application Process Overview link in the blue box for an overview of the award cycle process. 

​Download  the applications for Level 1, Level 2 and Levels 3-4 from the blue box on the right.

We encourage you to subscribe to our calendar of events and milestones.


KyCPE offers award application training at its annual conference and upon request. To request application training, use the "contact" button on the bar above.


Applications for an award are evaluated by a team of examiners who draft a feedback report. The report is reviewed and reworked by a panel of judges before being sent to the applicant. Feedback reports are sent to the applicant at least two weeks prior to the annual conference - at the conference, the awards are presented. Applicants agree: the feedback report points the way to the next improvement cycle.

Awardees Recognized at 2018 Conference


Graves Gilbert Clinic - Level 2 - Commitment

      Jessamine County Schools - Level 2 - Commitment

Lee County Board of Education - Level 2 - Commitment



June 30, 2020 Intent to Apply from Level 2 Applicants

October 31, 2020 Intent to Apply due from Level 3-4 Applicants


November 15, Deadline to Request Optional Site Visit from Level 3 Applicants


January 4, 2021 Application deadline from Level 2-4 Applicants


January 4, 2021 Application deadline from Level 1 Applicants wishing to be recognized at June 2021 Awards Ceremony


January - May 2021 Assessment Activities

May 31, 2021 Applicants receive feedback report from Examiner Team



TBD  2021 Annual Awards Ceremony

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