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Along with most every other organization, KyCPE has decided to cancel our 2020 Conference and Awards Banquet. While we regret we won’t be seeing everyone in person, we are very excited that our national award winners have agreed to host monthly webinars!

Given everything going on with the pandemic, we know your time and resources are precious. We have created a price structure that we think you will love. Each webinar is just $25. Even better, if you would like to attend every webinar for the year (September 2020 through August 2021) you can sign up to be a member of KyCPE for just $125. That’s a savings of $175! 2020 KyCPE examiners can receive the membership at a 40% discount ($75 membership fee). Choose your level below to register for September’s webinar or become a member and attend all webinars.

Click Below to Register                                  Click Below to become a                               Click Below if you are a 2020 Examiner

for the August                                                   Member with access to all 10                      and want to become a Member and

Webinar Only $25                                             Webinars   $125                                               Register for all Webinars $75

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Upcoming Webinars

August 18, 2021

4 p.m. EDT

The Why of Baldrige: How to Lead with a Powerful Framework

for Organizational Excellence

Presented by JoAnn Sternke


Everyone wants to improve, yet those who are most successful at improving are systematic in how they pursue improvement. In this enjoyable session you will learn the basics of what is in the Baldrige Framework and how it can help your organization become more systematic in “getting better at getting better”.  In this interactive session, you will become familiar with the basic questions in the Baldrige Framework and how applying this framework can yield improved results.  You will see why different organizations pursued using the Baldrige framework to see improvement. You’ll leave with an understanding of why using the Baldrige Framework is a great idea for your organization!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

                                                               How many people can say they have worked for TWO Baldrige recipient organizations?  Dr.                                                                           JoAnn Sternke currently serves as a Senior Leader and Coach at Studer Education, a division of                                                                   Studer Group.  Studer Group is a 2010 Baldrige award recipient. Simply put, JoAnn is enjoying                                                                       helping organizations “get better at getting better.”  


                                                               Previously, JoAnn was the Superintendent of Schools in Pewaukee School District, located near                                                                   Milwaukee, Wisconsin. JoAnn led the Pewaukee School District to receive the Wisconsin                                                                                 Forward Award in 2010 and the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 2013. Under her                                                                       leadership, student achievement saw a dramatic increase. Despite having one of the most                                                                           rigorous public school graduation requirements in the state, PSD achieved a 97% graduation                                                                       rate. Additionally, the percentage of PSD students attending a two- or four-year college                                                                                 increased from 68% to 93%.

JoAnn is an ambassador for all things Baldrige. After serving as an examiner and team lead, JoAnn just completed a three-year term on the Panel of Judges for the Baldrige National Quality Program. She just received her application yesterday and will serve on national site team again.  She also enjoys service with both the Wisconsin and Minnesota program.  JoAnn was honored to receive the Harry Hertz Leadership Award from the Baldrige Foundation.  

JoAnn seeks to make the complex simple and loves engaging people in using a systems approach to achieve excellence in their organizations.



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