Along with most every other organization, KyCPE has decided to cancel our 2020 Conference and Awards Banquet. While we regret we won’t be seeing everyone in person, we are very excited that our national award winners have agreed to host monthly webinars!

Our first webinar will take place Friday, September 18, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. ET. Please join us as we hear from Dr. Cindy Peterka and Geoffrey Colbert.


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September 18, 2020

Leading for Performance Excellence-

Formula for Customers

Listen + Collaborate = Success


This presentation will show how leadership at Howard Community College (HCC) uses a systems approach to guide the institution to achieve its mission, vision and strategic goals. It will highlight Category 3, Customers, and discuss how HCC builds and fosters relationships with its customers. The presentation will also examine how leadership listens and responds to evolving customer needs and will provide lessons learned, including how using the Baldrige framework helped the institution find a silver lining in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Cindy Peterka


                                 Dr. Cynthia Peterka has served as vice president of student services at Howard Community College since                                         2007.  Dr. Peterka has over 35 years of successful administrative experience in student services.  In her role                                     as vice president, Dr. Peterka oversees the offices of admissions and advising, records, registration, and                                           veterans affairs, financial aid services, counseling and career services, athletics, student life, the learning                                       assistance center, the test center, the welcome and information center, student conduct, and the                                                    Children's  Learning Center. With the vice president of academic affairs, she co-chairs HCC’s College                                                    Completion Initiative.  With the associate vice president of human resources, she co-coordinates Title IX.


 Dr. Peterka has an undergraduate degree in English from Florida State University, where she was an All-                                           American student athlete playing on the women’s golf team.  She also earned a masters of science degree                                       in educational psychology from the University of Utah, a masters of liberal arts degree from The Johns                                             Hopkins University, and a Ph.D. from University of Maryland in policy, planning, and administration in                                             higher education, with a research focus on diversity and student learning in learning communities. Her                                           KyCPE Webinar presentation will focus on leadership’s role in the voice of the customer: Baldrige Category 3.               


Geoffrey Colbert  

                                                             Geoffrey Colbert is the Senior Director of Athletics, Student Conduct and Executive Associate                                                               to the VPSS.  Geoffrey, a North Carolina native, previously held the position as the Associate                                                                 Director of Howard PRIDE, the colleges black male leadership program. He brings a wealth of                                                               experience working with diverse populations of students that includes his tenure as Program                                                               Manager of the Year Up program at Baltimore City Community College, and with the federal                                                                 TRIO programs, Student Support Services at Radford University and Upward Bound at                                                                             Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.


Geoffrey holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from Radford University, a Masters in Higher Education with a concentration in Higher Education Administration, and is in a doctoral program in Community College Leadership at The Morgan State University.



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