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One of the Core Values of the Baldrige Excellence Framework:

“Organization Learning and Agility”


The Framework also focuses on “Process.” One of the four process factors considered is “Learning: assessing your progress and capturing new knowledge, including looking for opportunities for improvement and innovation”


In the Framework’s focus on “Results,” the future view (Is your organization learning and growing?) is emphasized.



In the focus on Improvement, the Framework has this to say, “The Baldrige framework helps you understand and assess how well you are accomplishing what is important to your organization: how mature and how well deployed your processes are, how good your results are, whether your organization is learning and improving, and how well your approaches address your organization’s needs.



The Baldrige Scoring System uses performance improvement through learning and integration as a dimension in assessing the maturity of organizational approaches and their deployment:


This question is intended to set an overall context for your approach to performance improvement. The approach you use should be related to your organization’s needs. Approaches that are compatible with the overarching systems approach provided by the Baldrige framework might include implementing a Lean Enterprise System, applying Six Sigma methodology, using PDCA methodology, using standards from ISO (e.g., 9000 or 14000), using decision science, or employing other improvement tools.



Again in the Framework - Organizational LEARNING 

HOW do you use your knowledge and resources to embed LEARNING in the way your organization operates?


In short, organizational learning is embedded throughout the Framework: 

an organization that seeks improvement and excellence must be a learning organization.

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