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Legal Name: Kentucky Center for Performance Excellence, Inc.

KyCPE is an all-volunteer organization comprised of a Board of Directors, operating Committees, Examiners, and Judges,

all dedicated to helping Kentucky companies achieve performance excellence.

The Baldrige Excellence Framework guides in our mission.


The Framework is the only approach to organizational improvement that address all aspects of operations.


The Framework consist of questions in seven categories - answering the questions helps organizations address everything from Leadership to Innovation.


The Framework is results-based, causing organizations to examine:

Leadership; Strategy; Customer Engagement; Measurement, Analysis, & Knowledge Management; Workforce Engagement; and Operations; in terms of Results.


KyCPE's volunteers believe wholeheartedly in the Baldrige journey and urge you to join us. 


Volunteer examiners are trained each fall in preparation for critical assessment of award applications submitted in December.


Examiners work in teams of 2-7 people

(depending upon the Award Level being sought by the applicant).


The examination process lasts from January through April and requires 40-80 hours of time from each examiner.


Each examination team is lead by an experienced Team Leader.


Potential examiners must submit an examiner application.


Organizations applying for a KyCPE award are one reason we exist.


The Board of Directors, and the Examiners & Judges believe so strongly in the Baldrige Excellence Framework because the Framework has been shown to work.


The Framework helps organizations improve:


the financial bottom line;

workforce engagement 

(excitement & commitment);

customer, student, and patient satisfaction, innovation, and agility among other factors.



The Board is the group legally and financially responsible for KyCPE operations. Directors are elected to rotating three-year terms to manage the legal affairs of the organization.


Committees are the groups that manage

KyCPE operations: 

Delivery of examiner & applicant training,

 Examination and judging of award applicants,

Providing tools to applicants and examiners,

Conducting the annual Award Conference,

Managing consulting engagements.


KyCPE includes both Board members and

non-Board members on its working committees.


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