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Work with KyCPE

By serving on a committee or as an examiner, you actively improve your community, local and statewide economies 

and your industry's business climate.

We encourage you to work with us and explore the opportunities to collaborate

with various time commitments and levels of engagement.



You are welcome to join a committee "team" if you have an interest in any of the following: finance, marketing efforts, sponsor and member recruitment, examiner or applicant recruitment, examiner training, conference planning & management, applicant training, newsletter article writing, external relationship management, or website maintenance.


Committees meet virtually, so you don't have to drive miles and miles to become active.


If you would like more information about committees, use the contact form here, and specify your interest.

Success! Message received.



KyCPE utilizes a growing cadre of volunteer examiners. The examiner training process occurs in November and December each year,

and examiners are assigned in teams to review award applicants in early January.


The examination process lasts from January through late April; the award and training conference is held in early June.

Preview the various examiner tools and information KYCPE offers by using the button below.

To become an Examiner, complete and submit the Examiner Application Form, accessible by the button below.



All organizations can utilize the Criteria for Performance Excellence: 

prior award winners have come from the Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Government, Nonprofit, and Service industries.

Organizations learn to use the Baldrige Excellence Framework through the award application process.


KYCPE encourages organizations to apply for an Award at any of four Levels: Level 1 is Interest, Level 2 is Commitment, Level 3 is Achievement, and Level 4 is Excellence. These four levels will take an organization from novice status (concerning continuous improvement) to ready to apply for the Baldrige National Quality Award.


The Level 1 application may be applied for at any time during the year, while Levels 2-4 require a January application (see Calendar)


For an overview of the Award Cycle Process; the Level 1 application; or the Level 2-4 application, use the button below.

View the calendar for events and milestones.

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