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You will learn critical systems thinking and leadership skills:
The beauty of this training is that you not only learn the internationally recognized standard for excellence (the Baldrige Criteria) – you will learn to assess any organization and provide meaningful feedback that will help improve organizational performance.

This set of skills is in high demand by employers demanding practical solutions that will improve their organizational viability and sustainability. 

You will learn the same skills that many Universities and colleges are including in their core curriculum to develop leaders in Business Administration, Hospital Management, and School System Leadership. Many of these institutions are also applying the criteria to enhance their own outcomes on their ‘journey to excellence.

You will learn new skills that make you a more valuable resource to your organization.




You will learn skills to enhance business performance:

⦁    So if you are in Education, you will learn how to better understand student learning needs; optimize learning processes, support services, and community involvement to achieve the strategic goals of the school/system. 
⦁    If you are in Health Care your experience will help you align administration with physician partners and regulators, staff and support services into a harmonious, effective and efficient operation that is ‘best-in-class’. 
⦁    If you are in Manufacturing you will be able to craft and deploy strategies that produce loyal employees, customers and partners with world class results. 

The Baldrige Excellence Framework aligns other business knowledge like Lean Six Sigma or PDSA for process improvement and ISO, JCAHO, SACS standards for demonstrated compliance, and GAAP for financials, or CMMI for software development. All of the practical and tactical requirements of good business are better aligned and integrated in a cross-functional system designed for high performance using the Baldrige Criteria.


Baldrige training is named in Top 10 Leadership Development Programs by Leadership Excellence magazine for three consecutive years.

Tools & Support

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