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Improve your organization's consumer satisfaction, quality and consistency of service, workforce engagement, teamwork, and bottom line

For those organizations wanting to improve internal management practices and the bottom line, 

KYCPE offers its Awards Program and its Consulting Services to guide process improvement


KYCPE utilizes the Baldrige Excellence Framework and its Criteria for Performance Excellence© in its awards program and its consulting services – a proven method to achieve “Best in Class” results

How does the Baldrige Excellence Framework relate to your organization?
The Baldrige Excellence Framework is not another set of standards.
The Framework addresses key areas of running a successful organization and is compatible
with other performance improvement initiatives.
Using the Baldrige Framework, you can organize and integrate approaches to improve
effectiveness, outcomes, and to pursue performance excellence.
Explore your business industry for specific examples of Framework application. 



Your organization’s net income will increase more than the cost of KYCPE’s services.

That is, revenue increases and expense reductions will exceed KYCPE’s award application or consulting fees.

Additional Engagement Tools
Use the icons to learn more about each area
Organizational Learning


Hear from applicants, examiners and winners about their experiences and lessons learned.

Professional Development


Application, information and more about examiner training, Six Sigma Certification, tools and support.

Societal Responsibility


How you can help your organization, your community and the economy

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