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KyCPE Coach - Phil O'Neill

Phil O'Neill is an accomplished manager with extensive international experience in both electrical and mechanical engineering.


An Honors Graduate of Bath University in the U.K, Phil began his career as a production test technician for Racal Instruments in Windsor, England, testing and repairing electronic analogue and digital circuit boards.  Rising rapidly to production supervisor Phil then took on responsibility for customer warranty repairs as a Senior Service Engineer. 


1n 1987, Phil transferred to the US facility of Racal Instruments in Irvine, CA, as a product specialist to support the U.S Marine Corps MCATES program.  Supporting local test and repair capabilities, he also generated product training material and wrote technical manuals detailing repair procedures and software syntax.

Opportunity presented itself in the mechanical field in 1992 so Phil joined Germany-based pneumatics company Festo in their west coast regional office as an application engineer. His career in pneumatics continued when he was recruited by Rexroth Mecman Pneumatics in 1992 as a project manager for the semiconductor industry and continued when he transferred to HQ in Lexington, KY in 2001 to take on a new role as head of Product Management for the company.


As a Product Manager for Rexroth, Phil began to take on commercial responsibilities and worked to introduce new products to the US market, balancing profitability with market growth and competing with several established competitors. 


Most recently, Phil has been instrumental in bringing Aventics (the new name for Rexroth Pneumatics) into the digital age.  Offering Internet sales and customer service via the Aventics web site and leading the US sales team to adopt Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are the two most recent projects.

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