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Manufacturing organizations that have applied the Baldrige Excellence Framework to guide them toward improvements and breakthrough innovations, realize better financial results, better operational effectiveness and efficiency, more satisfied and loyal customers, improved products and services, and moree ngaged employees.

There is no “proof” that something works like the results others have achieved using the Framework.  

Those organizations that embrace the Excellence Framework and apply the aligning/integrating principles,

consistently report better results than their peer groups with similar resources.  

This framework for success can help your organization improve current operations and achieve long-term sustainability.


The Baldridge website provides a series of application summaries

that describe what winning manufacturing organizations stand for,

how they operate and 

their best-in class results.


 Medical Devices:  MEDRAD 

Pet Food:  Nestle Purina 

Government:  Honeywell 

Food Products:  Cargill Corn Milling

For a complete story of each of these and other Manufacturing winners, use the button below to view their full applications via the Baldrige website. While these examples highlight ‘national’ excellence, most* began with application support from the state affiliates (like KYCPE for Kentucky.)


The Baldrige Excellence Framework a set of inter-related questions across seven categories:  

1.       Leadership

2.       Strategic Planning

3.       Customer Focus

4.       Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management

5.       Workforce Focus

6.       Operations Focus

7.       Results


 Answering these ‘priority’ questions leads Manufacturing organizations on a journey of breakthroughs and continuous improvement that commonly results in improved:


·         Efficiency (cost savings / increased profit and revenue growth)

·         Effectiveness (accomplishing better outcomes resulting in more satisfied customers)

·         Engaged, loyal customers (positive business interactions and continued purchase activity)

·         Engaged workforce (team members who love their work and their work environment)

·         Innovation and agility (the entire system is able to flex and change with challenges)

·         Leadership connections (demonstrating enterprise and community stewardship)

·         Favorable of the  comparisons against other service operations recognized for excellence.


For further information and consultation to aid your journey to Performance Excellence, use the contact button at the top of the page  or call 859-281-1171 or 502-608-2061.

*As of 2013 and beyond, all  Baldrige award applicants must begin with state affiliated organizations such as KyCPE

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