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There is no “proof” that something works like the results others have achieved using the Baldrige Excellence Framework.


Results include:

The “90th percentile for 75 percent of the reporting areas across the system's seven inpatient hospitals,” Henry Ford Health System 

“Demonstrates excellence in measures of its operating margin, cash flow, and cash position, with its reported results comparing favorably to the Standard & Poor's (S&P) "A" and "AA" rated median levels,”  Schneck Medical Center results are achievable. 


Good Samaritan Hospital has established a strategic context and vision for a synergistic hospital-physician partnership that has enabled the organization to generate some of the best clinical outcomes in the United States.  


Pikeville Medical Center, a recipient of Kentucky Performance “Excellence” Award – has received national acclaim as ‘Hospital of the year’ for two consecutive years.


They were also named a recipient of the 2012 Health Grades Outstanding Patient Experience Award™.


This distinction ranks Pikeville Medical Center among the top 10 percent of hospitals nationwide based on an analysis of patient satisfaction data for 3,837 U. S. hospitals. 


Success breeds success.

Healthcare Application


The Baldrige Excellence Framework a set of inter-related questions across seven categories:  

1.       Leadership

2.       Strategic Planning

3.       Customer Focus

4.       Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management

5.       Workforce Focus

6.       Operations Focus

7.       Results

Whether your organization is involved in ambulatory service, health maintenance, or another health care service, the Baldrige Framework provides a valuable system for measuring performance and planning in an uncertain environment.


The Framework helps health care organizations achieve and sustain the highest levels of:

  • patient safety

  • patient loyalty

  • health care outcomes for acute myocardial infarction, heart failure, pneumonia, and other conditions

  • patients, physicians, nurses and staff satisfaction and engagement

  • revenue, efficiency (cost savings) and market share

  • community services

  • public health awareness and willingness to support  health care community programs

  • innovation and agility to allow the health care system to flex and change as needed

  • leadership who take great satisfaction in jobs well done


What is your next step?

We encourage you to research the Baldridge Criteria for Performance Excellence to discover how their implementation has helped organizations become representative of best in class.

For further information and consultation to aid your journey to Performance Excellence contact us, or call 859-281-1171 or 502-608-2061.

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