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KyCPE promotes the Baldrige Excellence Framework in Kentucky

The Framework comprises questions surrounding seven areas of organizational operations -

answering the questions helps organizations better understand and satisfy their customers, students, patients, stakeholders, and workforce.


The Framework is based upon proven organizational concepts, is systematic, and is fact and results-based. The Framework is introduced to organizations through the 4-tiered award application process and through our coaching work.

Members of the Kentucky Center for Performance Excellence

Dean Bondhus

Eric-Stephan Neill

Bob Gardner

Conley Salyer

John  Simson

Jon Stein

Rebecca Neill

David Iorio

William Ryan

Justin Tillery

Phil O'Neill

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  September 18, 2020
 KyCPE Conference
Examiner Recognition 2018
Without Examiners, Applicants Would Not Receive Valuable Feedback
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