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2018 Call for Presenters


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

DoubleTree Suites in Lexington, Kentucky

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The Kentucky Center of Performance Excellence is seeking dynamic speakers to facilitate 45 minute Breakout Sessions

during their 2018 Annual Conference.

The conference committee is looking for speakers who can speak to PLANNING, MONITORING or IMPROVEMENT.



Speakers interested in presenting for the planning track should be prepared to present on any of the following topics: How does your organization accomplish strategic planning, balancing short term and long term planning and succession planning?  Speakers are encouraged to share best practices with the audience including how the planning processes have improved over time.  Planning can be found in the Baldrige Framework in categories 1.1 C(1), 1.2 A(1), 2.1, 2.2 A(6), 4.2 B(1), 5.2 B(3).


For the monitoring track, we would like speakers to describe HOW their organization knows whether or not it’s making progress towards its goals?   How they determine what’s working and what’s not working?  Sharing of approaches and learnings would benefit this audience on their journeys towards performance excellence.  This could be any of the processes that fall under the Baldrige Frameworks categories 3, 4, 5, 6 as well as 7, as long the speaker is describing HOW they are doing the monitoring for any of these categories.



For the improvement track, speakers are encouraged to speak on one of the following topics: Organizational Learning and Agility; Managing Innovation; Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement of Organizational Performance; Performance Improvement Systems.  It would be great to see results here. Show us how you know something needed to change. What change was made? What were the results after the change?  The Baldrige Framework categories that can be referenced for this track are: P.2 C, 4.1 B(2),6.1 B, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4. 7.5 and the Baldrige Core Values and Concepts referencing Organizational Learning and Agility.


The primary goal for the conference is to support KyCPE in their mission to educate, support, and recognize organizational excellence by sharing best practices of past and present recipients in several Baldrige Criteria Categories, encouraging participants to gain knowledge to take back to their organization, as well as celebrate the accomplishments of Kentucky’s Award Winners.

Please fill out the Presenter Application Form below and upload supporting materials.

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Questions about being a presenter? Contact us here.

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