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The organizations that embrace the Framework for excellence and apply the aligning/integrating principles consistently report better results than their peer groups with similar resources

Enjoy the established resources below that provide a look into the shared best practices and results that service organizations have achieved using the Baldrige Excellence Framework. See the Baldrige 20/20 for highlights of successes.

Specifically in the 20/20 link, pages 10-25 show service organization's success while pages 55-79 highlight what other organizations have learned throughout the process.


The Baldridge website provides a series of application summaries

that describe what winning service organizations stand for,

how they operate and 

their best-in class results.

Diverse examples included

here are "best at"

Consulting: Studer Group

Engineering: Freese & Nichols

Hotels: Ritz-Carlton

Restaurants: K&N Management

Finance: Caterpillar Finance

Telecommunications: AT&T

Package Delivery: FedEx


PremierMidway USA)

For a complete story of each of these and other service industry winners, use the button to the right to view their full applications via the Baldrige website. While these examples highlight ‘national’ excellence, most* began with application support from the state affiliates (like KYCPE for Kentucky.)

Service Application


The Baldrige Excellence Framework e is a set of inter-related questions across seven categories:

1.       Leadership

2.       Strategic Planning

3.       Customer Focus

4.       Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management

5.       Workforce Focus

6.       Operations Focus

7.       Results


Answering these ‘priority’ questions leads organizations on a journey of breakthroughs and continuous improvement that commonly results in:


·         Efficiency (cost savings and revenue growth)

·         Effectiveness (accomplishing better outcomes resulting in more satisfied customers)

·         Engaged, loyal customers (positive word of mouth support and purchase of other services)

·         Engaged workforce (staff members who love not only their work but their work environment)

·         Innovation and agility (the entire system is more able to flex and change with challenges)

·         Leadership connections (demonstrating enterprise and community stewardship)

·         Favorable comparisons against other service operations recognized for excellence.



For further information and consultation to aid your journey to Performance Excellence use the contact button at top of this page, or call 859-281-1171 or502-608-2061.

*As of 2013 and beyond, all Baldrige award applicants must begin with state affiliated organizations such as KyCPE

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