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Kentucky Center For Performance Excellence

Inspiring Organizational Excellence in Kentucky
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KYCPE promotes the Baldrige Criteria For Performance Excellence in Kentucky. The Criteria comprise questions surrounding seven areas of organizational operations - answering the questions helps organizations better understand and satisfy their customers, students, patients, stakeholders, and workforces. The Criteria are based upon proven organizational concepts, are systematic, and are fact and results-based. The Criteria are introduced to organizations through the 4-tiered award process.



                              If you Missed the 

Quest for Excellence or the Kentucky Conference…

Consider attending one of these awesome, life-changing events:

Baldrige Regional Conferences in Minnesota or California in September!

Thanks to all for contributing to our Strategic Planning  July 12, 2014

and for sending Us Your Ideas From Your Experience With KYCPE!


Award Applicants

View the application cycle here - Level 2-4 applications due by Dec. 20, 2014.


Level 1 applications are accepted and evaluated all year.

Applications received by 12/2014 will be recognized at the 2015 Conference and Awards.

Brochure with Agenda details for
All Applicants - 2 through 4

August 21-22 at IWU Louisville


 Click the above link for details.

Stay tuned for additional workshops

Thanks to all attendees - on your 'journey to excellence'! 


Level One Applications - including Introduction to KyCPE and the National Performance Excellence Criteria. 

September 12 Registration is closed.

Call 502-608-2061 for 'on-site' training. 


 Annual Award Conference & Training Sessions to be held June 4-5, 2015

Examiner applications are due before October 17, 2014
For the Board of Examiners resources click the link below.
Find Examiner Resources Here
Look for new case study this fall!